Sustainable/Zero Waste Fashion and the True Cost of the Fast Fashion Industry

This gorgeous jumpsuit I wore to a wedding – Bought it for $5 at a secondhand clothing store!

For a while now I’ve been concerned about the pitfalls of the fast fashion industry – both the waste issues, as well as the humanitarian issues like sweatshops and low wage workers, and the environmental problems, like the high rate of pesticides used in the production of materials like cotton, and the harsh chemicals used in the creation of garments.

I’ve always purchased probably 50% of my wardrobe from secondhand clothing stores, but about 18 months ago, I decided to exclusively shop at secondhand stores for all my clothing from now on.

I always thought about it from a waste stream point of view – If I could purchase my clothing from the clothing already out there in the world, without contributing to the growing demand on the fashion market, I would be making a difference – however small.

But recently I watched the documentary The True Cost, and it got me thinking a whole lot more about the wider impacts of the fast fashion industry.

It made me even more concerned about the issues at the forefront of the industry and even more determined to do the right thing.

I had a lot of thoughts on my mind about this issue, so I set up my camera, brewed a cup of tea, sat down, and had a chat:

If you’re interested in watching The True Cost, you can find it on Netflix. It’s a documentary I highly recommend.

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