My Top Five Travel Tips

France, 2013

If you’re new here: Hi, I’m Marnie, and I LOVE travel.

Over the last five years, I’ve traveled to 36 countries, and I’ve learnt a lot along the way.

I’ve grown from a naive young girl on her first big trip, to a confident female traveler.

Here I wanted to share with you my top five travel tips, which you can find in the video below.

Filming and editing this video has made me feel pretty nostalgic, and think about all the travels I’ve done over the last five years, and all the incredible adventures I’ve had.

I certainly feel so lucky to have been able to enjoy these experiences – I know I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without them….

Thailand, 2014
Iguazu Falls, 2014
India, 2015
Hong Kong, 2016
United Kingdom, 2017
Iceland, 2018

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