Whales and Quad Bikes, oh my!


Reykjavik is one of the most beautiful and cosy – or to steal a term from the Danes, Hyggeligt – cities I’ve visited.

From the main streets lined with traditional lamp posts, strung together with pretty ropes of fairy lights following the Scandinavian-style buildings in a row, to the more secluded areas just a few blocks back from the main hub, decorated with greenery and flowers next to a frozen pond, to the cosy interiors of the cafes and bars along the city’s streets, there is plenty to admire from an aesthetic point of view in Reykjavik.

It’s all of these things which make Iceland’s capital such a snug place to be. It feels homely, almost – which is a rather large feat for a capital city.

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Welcomed to Iceland with a snowstorm


Iceland has been one of those countries Dan and I have been wanting to travel to for a long time.

When we realised we both wanted to visit this Scandinavian bucket-list item, it quickly became our next adventure to plan.

We fell into a burrow of internet searches, guidebooks and travel blogs, finding out all the information we could to plan the trip of our dreams (Well, one of them, at least).

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Zero Waste Living: Learning to make bread from scratch


One of Dan’s gorgeous home-baked loaves

One thing that had previously been tough to make zero waste in my life was bread.

I love bread, I love carbs, and I eat a lot of it. But how do you get bread without the plastic packaging it comes in?

You have two choices: Either find a bakery that will allow you to bring your own cloth bag to put loaves in, or make it yourself.

Luckily for me, my boyfriend Dan has been making his own bread for years, and when I moved over to the UK to live with him in August, he began teaching me how to make my own loaves too.

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My Top 5 Tips for Travelling As A Vegan


Travelling with a dietary requirement – be that vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free or gluten-free – can seem overwhelming, and many might let their eating habits restrict or completely write-off their travels.

But travel as a vegan CAN be done – and quite easily! I assure you.

I’ve been vegan for three years now, and wanted to share with you my top five tips for vegan travel.

I’ve made many mistakes in my vegan journey, especially when it comes to travel, so I’m hoping you can learn from me and avoid the same errors!

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My First British Christmas

My family-in-laws beautiful Christmas tree

My first Christmas in the UK was exactly how I imagined it to be:

Filled with love, lots of smiles with my family in law, and, of course, more layers of clothing than needed in Australia.

I’ve been dreaming of a winter Christmas for a long time.

Even before I was in a long distance relationship with Dan, I’d always imagined spending at least one Christmas in the northern hemisphere, just to experience a cold (or, if I was lucky, a White) Christmas.

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Winter Wonderland in Birmingham

Part of the group at the Birmingham Christmas Markets

Dan and I recently headed to Birmingham for the weekend for a friend’s birthday celebrations, including Christmas markets, seeing Kasabian live in concert, and a whole lot of snow!

It was a fabulous weekend filled good company, good drinks, good music and good food.

I didn’t photograph and vlog it as I normally would, but I did link together a “through my eyes” video on my iPhone for your enjoyment:

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Getting into the Christmas spirit

Sorry for my largely absent appearance on social media of late, and my complete lack of blog posts and videos for the last month or so, but I’ve been pretty busy (life has been getting in the way!).

But here you are: Here’s a short glimpse at part of my life here in the UK – a short video of my first ever Christmas Markets experience!

Christmas Markets are a huge part of the special season across Europe – in fact some of the large Christmas markets in places like Germany, Budapest and London for some examples, are often destinations in themselves for travellers who love Christmastime.

What better way is there to spend an afternoon than sipping mulled wine and snacking on market foods while browsing through the goods on sale – everything from trinkets and candles, to coffee beans and unique liqueurs here at Bristol.

If you haven’t been to a Christmas Market, make sure you check one out before the silly season is over – if you weren’t feeling in the Christmas spirit before your visit, you sure will be afterwards!

Merry Christmas everybody!

A very vegan weekend in Bristol

Enjoying an incredible vegan freakshake at VX Bristol

Last weekend was VegFest in London, and I was so excited to go.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them too, and so I was unable to attend – which meant I missed out on hearing some of my favourite inspirational vegans speak, meet more like-minded individuals, and (of course) eat all the amazing vegan food on offer.

Safe to say, I was pretty disappointed to not be able to go.

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