A very vegan weekend in Bristol

Enjoying an incredible vegan freakshake at VX Bristol

Last weekend was VegFest in London, and I was so excited to go.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them too, and so I was unable to attend – which meant I missed out on hearing some of my favourite inspirational vegans speak, meet more like-minded individuals, and (of course) eat all the amazing vegan food on offer.

Safe to say, I was pretty disappointed to not be able to go.

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Self Care Tips and Strategies

One of my favourite self care strategies – bath time with scented candles

Self Care is an incredibly important part of looking after your mental health, physical health, and your health in general.

Self Care is defined as the actions we can take as individuals to help maintain or heighten our health, wellbeing and wellness.

In terms of mental health then, self care is a valuable tool.

You don’t have to be struggling mentally to indulge in self care strategies, in fact, I believe it’s import to make self care a part of your regular routine, in order to help maintain your mental health.

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