A wicked weekend at Alton Towers theme park

Alton Towers
The sun wasn’t out, but our guns were!

As a foreigner living in the United Kingdom, it’s almost a rite of passage for me to visit Alton Towers, one of the major theme parks in England.

Practically everyone who has grown up in the UK, or lived there for some time, has visited the park before.

But, after almost a year living in Bristol, I (an adrenaline junkie and rollercoaster lover) had somehow not gotten around to it yet!

So, to combat this problem, recently Dan, our friends Will and Elyse, and I headed to to the Towers for a weekend of fun.

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My Top Five Travel Tips

France, 2013

If you’re new here: Hi, I’m Marnie, and I LOVE travel.

Over the last five years, I’ve traveled to 36 countries, and I’ve learnt a lot along the way.

I’ve grown from a naive young girl on her first big trip, to a confident female traveler.

Here I wanted to share with you my top five travel tips, which you can find in the video below.

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Exploring the brauhaus’ of Cologne



Germany is a country well known for its beer, so what better what to enjoy a weekend in the nation by spending some time indulging in local beer at brewhouses?

Dan and I spent a weekend in Cologne recently, a city neither of us had travelled to before.

One of the popular features of Cologne, the fourth most populated German city, is the stunning architecture scattered across the Rhine River-split city, so it’s not all just beers and banter!

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Welcomed to Iceland with a snowstorm


Iceland has been one of those countries Dan and I have been wanting to travel to for a long time.

When we realised we both wanted to visit this Scandinavian bucket-list item, it quickly became our next adventure to plan.

We fell into a burrow of internet searches, guidebooks and travel blogs, finding out all the information we could to plan the trip of our dreams (Well, one of them, at least).

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My Top 5 Tips for Travelling As A Vegan


Travelling with a dietary requirement – be that vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free or gluten-free – can seem overwhelming, and many might let their eating habits restrict or completely write-off their travels.

But travel as a vegan CAN be done – and quite easily! I assure you.

I’ve been vegan for three years now, and wanted to share with you my top five tips for vegan travel.

I’ve made many mistakes in my vegan journey, especially when it comes to travel, so I’m hoping you can learn from me and avoid the same errors!

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A trip to the happiest place on Earth! Disneyland Hong Kong


I can show you the world,

Shining, shimmering, splendid,

Tell me princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?

I can open your eyes,

Take you wonder by wonder….

What a magnificent world Disney takes us too – when we pop on a film, listen to a Disney song, or engross ourselves some other way in the stories of the characters of Disney.

What fun it was then, when I got the chance to indulge my inner child (Basically still 25-year-old me anyway) with a visit to Disneyland Hong Kong!

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The gorgeous Roman Baths of Bath


Bath was a little place of heaven on earth for me.

There was nothing particularly outstanding about the day I had there, travel wise at least, but it meant a lot to me personally.

For a day I got to wander around this absolutely gorgeous town, soaking in┬áthe history of it before soaking myself into luxurious relaxation in the afternoon – all while hand-in-hand with my man, while we were still blissfully in that soppy “honeymoon” stage.

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