Incredibly grand AirBnB in Bordeaux, France


Paris France is always a good idea, right?


And the beauty of living in England is that I can pop over whenever I damn well please… Although, it’s more likely whenever my bank balance pleases… I think all of us here know the struggle to live on a ordinary salary with the extraordinary urge to travel.

In fact, last week I got to visit France for the first time since I moved to the UK just over a year ago, which I find astounding, as the land of the French is just so accessible to us here in Great Britain.

I just hadn’t gotten the chance yet.

But anyway, the point is: I FINALLY got around to going there (Again – I visited back in 2013 on my first trip to Europe) last week when my fiance, myself, and a few of our friends headed to the Bordeaux region for a marathon Dan and two others in the group were set to run (More on that next week!).

I’d never been to Bordeaux, so the two nights we spent in the riverside city before heading slightly out of town were so illuminating.

And I don’t just mean travel-wise – I also mean literally. Bordeaux is certainly a city that lights up at night.

I didn’t do a lot of photography whilst there because I was just enjoying a casual trip with friends and not necessarily there to blog it all, but between Dan and I we managed to grab some quite gorgeous shots on our journey back to our AirBnB from a night out of dinner and drinks.


Speaking of our Airbnb: Um, WOW!

I knew from the photos on the website listing that we were in for a treat, but I was skeptical that the reality would actually live up to its online portrayal.

It did. Massively.

I’ve actually gone ahead and used the AirBnB photos for this blog post, because they were better than any I took, honestly, and they are an accurate picture (excuse the pun) of the place.

Between the six of us that stayed there for the two nights, this gorgeous abode costs us less than what we would have paid in hotel rooms, plus gave us a place to cook, and a perfect spot to chill with some locally purchased wine, cheese (vegan in my case) and bread – Because when in France, do as the French do!

I was super impressed with this grand house, and the service we got from the AirBnB listers, who made us feel so welcome, gave us a tour on arrival plus tips and advice for the local area.

Once again AirBnB has gone above and beyond my expectations!

Check out the video near the top of the post for a video tour of the full house.

Credit: AirBnB 
Credit: AirBnB
Credit: AirBnB
Credit: AirBnB
Credit: AirBnB
Credit: AirBnB

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