Cardiff Viva! Vegan Festival: A treat to my tastebuds!


One of the things I most love about living in the UK is the amount of vegan options and food festivals that exist.

There seems to be a plethora of choice, so many celebrations available, and an abundance of accessibility for vegos here, compared to that of my previous home in regional Australia.

So, of course, I’m lapping it up and embracing all the veg-friendly events and food choices I can whilst I’m living here in England.

Back in February the Cardiff Viva! Vegan Festival was held, and since 1. Cardiff is just a short train journey away from Bristol, where I live, and 2. I’ve never actually been to a vegan festival before, OF COURSE I had to attend.

Viva! was founded in 1994 by Juliet Gellatley, and has grown to be one of the biggest vegan campaigning charities around.

Each year, in addition to the extensive campaigning they do, the charity also holds numerous vegan festivals around the UK.


The Cardiff Festival, held at the City Hall, promised more than 50 stalls, alongside talks and demonstrations by people from all different areas of the vegan movement.

I’ll tell you what: I was not disappointed.

Not only were my tastebuds in absolute heaven thanks to all the delicious treats I consumed, but my heart was so full of love for humanity to see the City Hall completely packed with people.

Either vegan or veg-curious, the hoards of people in attendance simply made me smile, and feel grateful that in 2018, more and more people are beginning to realise the animal, environmental, and health benefits of veganism.

Even my boyfriend, a (mostly) pescatarian, was blown away by the food on offer.

One particular dish, a gin and tonic-battered avocado based taco, had his mouth watering (seriously – watch his reaction in my vlog above! High praise from a dedicated foodie such as himself [PS. Check out his foodie-focused Instagram here]).

Myself, being more of a sweet tooth, pigged out on brownies, chocolates, donuts and even a ‘Nutella cheesecake’, which were all absolutely to die for!

Attending Viva! Vegan in Cardiff made me so keen to explore as many vegan festivals as possible here in the UK, which is luckily as there are many coming up over the rest of the year – even two more Viva!-organised ones here in Bristol!

My first pick of the day – A salted caramel brownie
My last pick of the day – a jam-filled and a vanilla cream stuffed donut
Dan and I also picked up some vegan pies at the festival which we enjoyed at home for dinner that night!

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