My First British Christmas

My family-in-laws beautiful Christmas tree

My first Christmas in the UK was exactly how I imagined it to be:

Filled with love, lots of smiles with my family in law, and, of course, more layers of clothing than needed in Australia.

I’ve been dreaming of a winter Christmas for a long time.

Even before I was in a long distance relationship with Dan, I’d always imagined spending at least one Christmas in the northern hemisphere, just to experience a cold (or, if I was lucky, a White) Christmas.

Of course, seeing as I moved to Dan’s homeland four months ago, I finally got my wish.

And it was lovely.

While I did feel pangs of homesickness for my family back in Australia, celebrating the holiday without me, the fact that I got to stay in contact with them throughout the silly season via my beloved iPhone and an internet connection, plus Dan and his family completely spoiling me rotten, definitely made my holiday as sweet as could be.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the effort my new family in law put into not only my extremely thoughtful gifts, but also the massive amount of vegan food, drinks and treats made available to me at their house – they were so kind, caring and thoughtful over the entire holiday.

And that is what Christmas is all about, folks. Showing those you love how much you care.

Which means my Christmas was absolutely successful, and so, SO, full of love.

Vegan Christmas dinner – Dan’s barely, squash and vegan ricotta pie with roast veg.
Drinks accompanied with card and board games was high on our agenda over the Christmas holiday.

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