Celebrating freedom at the Nimbin MardiGrass


One a year the small Northern Rivers town of Nimbin comes alive for a big weekend of protesting and celebration for the annual Nimbin MardiGrass.

The MardiGrass began 25 years ago as a protest for the legalisation of marijuana, and continues to protest for the same outcome today.

My friend, and fellow YouTuber, Tom, headed to Nimbin to check out the 2017 festivities.

One thing that really struck the both of us was how, while marijuana legalisation is the main focus of the MardiGrass, the weekend has also become a mass celebration of the freedom and diversity shown on the Northern Rivers.

The region is a very unique place, and it seems to me that a weekend like MardiGrass, that brings thousands of people together (from across the Northern Rivers and beyond), is the perfect example of the importance of embracing diversity inĀ our community – something I feel the Northern Rivers does very well.

Whether you smoke weed or you don’t, you can come to MardiGrass and have a really fun time, celebrating the whole community and what every individual brings to our region to create the colourful mixing pot of the Northern Rivers.

I personally had a great time, no weed involved – just a beer or two.

Have you been to MardiGrass before?

Check out Tom’s video here!

Events and entertainment at the Hash Bowl Stage
Colourful signs around the town
A snapshot of the 2017 MardiGrass parade
The Hash Bowl Stage by night (Plus a giant inflatable joint)
Some of the winners of the coveted Joint-Rolling competition

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