A taste of village life in Tordi Sagar, India


I have this idea that you can’t really get a feel for a country’s culture without heading out of the main cities or tourist places.

I feel like cities are kind of, at their very heart, quite the same around the world (with their own flair, of course), but the countryside can really show you want the country is really like.

That’s why I was so excited to be heading to the small village of Tordi Sagar as part of the G Aventures tour I was on – I thought it would be such an incredible experience.

I was right. It was.

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I’m going on a hike for Medical Research!

Visiting the TRI building at Princess Alexandra Hospital on Feb 7 2016, to see and hear about the wonderful research the LMRF is helping make happen.
Oh look, a blog post and video on a Wednesday instead of Thursday! Sorry to throw you off, but I have opening night of a play I’m part of tomorrow, so I won’t have time to focus on anything other than that. 

So here you go: Early blog – and a different blog. Not so much to do with travel, but something very important, nonetheless.

If you haven’t heard of Lions (Aka. Lions Clubs, Lions Australia, Lions International etc) you may have been living under a rock.

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