Beautiful buildings and pretty pyramids in Puebla, Mexico

The view from my bed. Literally. Puebla, Mexico.
The view from my bed. Literally. Puebla, Mexico.

Mexico: What a country. Amazing food, alcohol, churches, ruins, and beaches.

I was so excited to visit this place and explore its culture.

I wasn’t disappointed – our first stop in Mexico, leaving Mexico City first up (Don’t worry, we came back) for Puebla, one of the first most important Spanish colonial cities in Mexico.

Bright and brilliant buildings stood all around the town, stationed around squares that held parks, cafes, markets or artists showing off their canvas creations.

You probably couldn’t get dunked more into Mexican culture straight up if you tried.

Nearby we visited the ruins of the Cholula pyramid, the largest archaeological site of a pyramid in the New World, as well as the largest pyramid known to exist in the world today.

Obviously, it’s a must see in Mexico, but not as many people know of it in comparison to Chichen Itza.

Yes, I found the second more compelling, but I think a visit to both is worth it if you’re in the country.

Tip: Be careful of street scammers in Mexico. Keep your bag close by, and if a street merchant or other stranger approaches you, keep your wits up and your ground firm.

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