One night at Oktoberfest: Munich, Germany

Munich was a blur for me (and not just because of the steins of beer I consumed).

We were in Munich for one night only, and we packed a whole lot into that time. 

Upon arrival we scampered off for a city bike tour with an awesome Australian tour guide.


I might mention here we were going straight to Oktoberfest from here, so we were all already dressed in our Dirndls and feeling quite pretty (And not inconspicuous at all).

We would have looked a right sight – 50 foreigners riding around the city dressed in Dirndls and laughing.

The river surfers of Munich
The river surfers of Munich

After riding around some classic streets and picturesque parks (and stopping to watch the famed ‘city river surfers’ of Munich), we hit Oktoberfest – Or I could say Oktoberfest hit us.

Crowds, music, delicious German snacks (Bratwurst or pretzel, anyone?), and of course, litre steins of beer was what awaited us.


Here’s a tip – head into a “beer house” – just any of them (ask your tour guide or someone there which might be best for you – I heard there was one that was basically just full of Aussies, and that was where many on my tour ended up, but myself and a few other girls ended up in one that landed us at a table of local people, all from Munich themselves) and don’t worry if it already looks full: Just WAIT.

Yes, it will get even more packed (and you need to be sitting at a table to be served a beer – you won’t be served if you’re just standing around) – but people will move about, and if you’re quick (and a bit scheme-y) you will be able to nab a couple of centimetres that will fit surprisingly many people into it.

Early on in the evening - no seating space left when we arrived. But at least there's room to walk (at this point)
Early on in the evening – no seating space left when we arrived. But at least there’s room to walk (at this point)

People are desperate from a spot. We watched one young woman simply squat down and pee on the long bench seat they were standing on (everyone was standing on the long bench seats and dancing at this point) because she didn’t want to leave her place at the table to go to the bathroom.

As I said, desperate times apparently call for desperate measures….

Enjoy yourselves – From what I saw of that one night of Oktoberfest, everyone was genuinely happy and just keen for a good time – I didn’t hear of anyone having any bad experiences, getting assaulted or robbed, or anything of that sort to be honest.

But, of course, if you’re drinking, keep your wits about you and stay with a friend – With the crowds and many beer halls at Oktoberfest, it would be easy to get lost even if you were stone-cold sober.

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