French Riviera: Yes, it is that fancy

What do you think of when someone says “The French Riviera”? If your answer was pebbled beaches, glamourous people, expensive living and everything gorgeous, you’re spot on.

At least that was my experience of the south of France – a gorgeous and relaxing holiday spot for the rich and famous. 

Our Contiki European Escapade took us to a two day stop, where we stayed in Antibes and explored Nice and Monaco.

It was a stay that ticked a lot of boxes for me:

  • Eat something weird (frogs legs) ✓
  • Lie on a private beach on a pebbled beach by the Mediterranean Sea ✓
  • Complete a crazy activity (Bungee Swing) ✓
  • Go somewhere absolutely FABULOUS (Monte Carlo Casino) ✓
Tastes like chicken – Eating frogs legs in Antibes, France.

This place really hit it home that I – ME! – was actually in Europe, this amazing, glorious place I’d dreamt about for so long. The French Riviera cemented the feeling of joy for me, completely and utterly.

And my journey was really only just beginning.

What a view - Nice, France
What a view – Nice, France

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